• How to Stock a Housekeeping Cart

    Clean guest rooms are vital to the success of any hotel, resort, or vacation rental. With limited time to prepare each room for the next guest, your housekeeping staff needs to be organized and efficient. You can help your cleaning staff to perform the best job possible by beginning with a well-stocked housekeeping cart.

    There is a limited timeframe between guest checkout times and new guest arrivals. If checkout is at 11am and check-in is at 4pm, this gives your housekeeping staff 5 hours to clean and stock your guest rooms. An organized, well-stocked housekeeping cart helps your staff make rapid progress while they clean rooms. Every time a housekeeper has to make the long trek back to the supply closet to retrieve an item, it costs them precious time.

    For stay-over guests, housekeepers need to perform their list of cleaning tasks and vacate the room as soon as possible. An organized cleaning cart filled with clean towels and amenities hastens turndowns so your staff can provide the highest level of service and improve your hotel star rating.

    Housekeeping Cart Checklist

    Provide your staff with a housekeeping cart checklist so they can stock their carts at the beginning of their shift. Place emphasis on stocking the cleaning cart correctly and explain why it makes work easier for your housekeepers. If you take regular inventory counts on your housekeeping supplies, you’ll never run out of important items.

    How to Stock a Cleaning Cart

    The number of toiletries you offer may be different depending on the type of hotel you operate, but the basic items that every hotel needs are the same. Start stocking a cart from the bottom up, beginning with linens and towels, then paper products, and ending with amenities and cleaning supplies. Keeping the cart organized and clean is important because it will be in plain view of your guests as your cleaning staff is working.

    Linens and Towels

    Keep your guests comfortable by providing clean linens on a daily basis. Towels and sheets are usually placed on the bottom shelves of the cart.

    Bed Sheets
    Bath Towels
    Hand Towels
    Bath Mats

    Paper Products

    Paper products like tissues and toilet paper should be replaced as needed. These items can be placed on the upper shelves of the cart where there is ample room.

    Toilet Paper
     Tissue Boxes
    Paper Towels

    Cleaning Supplies

    Your housekeepers use hotel cleaning supplies frequently, so it helps to place them on top of the cart for easy access. A top-shelf organizer keeps spray bottles and cleaners right-side up while the cart is moving.

    Cleaning Spray / Sanitizer
    Cleaning Cloths / Sponges
    Cleaning Gloves
    Toilet Brush
    Toilet Bowl Cleaner
    Window / Mirror Cleaner
    Dusting Polish
    Dusting Cloths
    Trash Can Liners

    Bath Products

    Your guests will appreciate the availability of hotel bath products in their bathroom. These small items can be placed in organizers on top of the cart to keep them from rolling around.

    Hand Soap
     Face Soap
    Sewing Kit
     Nail files

    What Makes a Good Cleaning Cart

    Good housekeeping starts with a functional cleaning cart. There are some important features you should look for when choosing hotel cleaning carts for your business.

    Bag Holders – Choose a cart with bag holders on each end, one for soiled laundry and one for garbage.
    Multiple Tiers – The cart should also have multiple tiers with ample room for supplies.
    Adjustable Shelves – Adjustable shelves can be moved around to account for items of different heights.
    Vacuum Bracket – It’s much easier to attach a vacuum onto your cart than to carry it separately.
    Top Shelf Organizers – Top shelf organizers are useful for storing the items that need to be accessed quickly.
    Casters with Brakes – Brakes will keep the cart in place while the room is being cleaned.

    Providing your housekeeping team with a checklist will help them to stock their carts successfully for each shift. You can ensure that all of your rooms are cleaned in a timely manner and that your guests are always provided with the appropriate amenities.

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